Importance of Mandarin

Mandarin Chinese is the most widely-spoken language in the world. Learn to speak Mandarin and you can speak with millions of people around the world.
Business- Business people who speak Mandarin have a huge advantage in tapping into the Chinese market. It is much easier to develop relationships and trust if you can speak Mandarin.
Jobs- If you know Chinese, you will get many more employment opportunities. When you learn Chinese, you will set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd.
Travel- China and Taiwan offer exciting travel opportunities. Navigating around is much easier if you can speak Mandarin.
Culture- With thousands of years of history, Chinese culture is extremely fascinating. Whether your interests are in history, architecture, music, or cuisine, knowledge of Mandarin will enrich your understanding of Chinese culture.

The School is run by a team of professionals who have either lived in China or have had a long term association with the language. Having lived in China, we understand the Chinese culture and language challenges very well. Over a period of time, teaching Mandarin has become our passion.

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